A Review of Interpreting Teaching Research in China Based on CiteSpace (2008-2018)

  •  Chen Liu    
  •  Jinjin Zhang    


After thirty years of development, the teaching of interpreting in China has achieved a moderate scale giving the credit to the growing demand for interpreting talents, as well as the spread of interpreting teaching among universities. This study reviewed the papers on interpreting teaching research published for the past decade in China covered by Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) of foreign languages and education studies, explored the quantity of publications, source journals, authors, institutions and research hotspots by CiteSpace, depicted the mapping knowledge domain and analyzed the problems of the current research. Through bibliometric analysis, it is found that (1) High-level interpreting teaching research papers are produced in limited quantities; (2) Interpreting teaching research in China has not yet formed an independent research field; (3) The traits of interpreting discipline are not obvious enough; (4) The cross-sectional research and the longitudinal study have not been widely concerned; (5) The research on the backwash effect of interpreting tests are few; (6) The research on interpreting teaching at universities of applied sciences are limited. Based on the research findings, reference for further study of interpreting teaching would be provided.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.