A Review of Spelling Errors in Arabic and Non-Arabic Contexts

  •  Dheif Allah Hussain Falah Altamimi    
  •  Radzuwan Ab Rashid    
  •  Yasir Mohamed Mohamed Elhassan    


The purpose of this review paper is to identify the core spelling errors in Arabic and Non Arabic Contexts. The most common difficulty that Arab learners may face during their English writing is correct spelling, for many different reasons such as the interference between English and Arabic language and the irregularity of the English language system. Several studies have been undertaken to evaluate writing mistakes and spelling errors in English, and most of them have classified spelling errors into three different categories: morphemic errors, where the errors occur in the morphemes parts (prefixes and suffixes); Intra-Morphemic errors, where errors occur in the word roots themselves such as deleting the final (silent) e vowel in the word write, and splits types, where the learners leave a space inside the word for example, write my self as two words instead of myself, one word. Apart from the three categories mentioned above, other studies claim that there are eight different types of error related to the abilities of the students and the nature of the error, and these include inversion, omission, substitution, segmentation, insertion, pronunciation, miscellaneous, and unclassified errors. In this review paper, we have found interlingual and intralingual –related errors where interlingual errors are mainly caused by the interference of the primary or mother language, while, intralingual errors are due to the system and instruction of the target language. Finally, suggestions are given based on previous research about how to review the spelling errors in Arabic and Non Arabic contexts to identify the error and also overcome the problem through alternatives that can be implemented to create a positive impact and can be furthermore used for all types of positive learning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.