The Gender Factor Effect on Saudi Learners’ Perceptions of Using Social Media on Their Social Interaction

  •  Boushra Abdul-Aziz AlGhamdi    
  •  Shorouq Ali AL-Garni    
  •  Maysa M. Qutob    


This study compares males and females perception of the effect of social media on their social interaction to understand the difference between both genders. The study follows a mixed-method methodology using a questionnaire with closed-ended items and open-ended questions. Responses to the questionnaire are collected form 207 male and female students from a public university in Saudi Arabia. In general, the results of the questionnaire are insignificant which indicate that there are no differences between both genders. However, the results of the open-ended questions show that females have a negative view of the effect of social media on human relations while males have a positive point of view. However, both genders have a positive point of view regarding balancing between friends and family in real life and virtual world through time management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.