The Role of Supply Chain Management on Organized and Unorganized Grocery Retailers-A Review on Indian Perspective

  •  Raghuram Naga Venkata J    
  •  Ravilochanan P    


The retail industry in India is slowly taking a new shape and structure. The dominant unorganized retailing started losing its stand in the market and the organized sector is taking its importance in the industry. The organized retailers have changed the perceptions of the consumers and chased out the consumer from the unorganized retailers.What the customers look for from today’s retailers is ambience, price, variety, assortments and merchandise which are addressed meticulously by the organized retailers. With a change in the purchasing power, tastes and preferences of the Indian retail consumer, read availability of product with the retailer is playing a major role in the sustainability of the retailers. In this context supply chain management (SCM) plays a vital role. The mechanism which helps in decreasing the waste, decreasing the inventory, decreasing the transportation cost, finally giving, the consumer an affordable price and improving the performance of the retailer is what is called as Supply Chain Management. This article emphasis on the role of SCM in the organized and unorganized Indian retail and the roles of various factors like information flow, inventory management, sourcing, transportation, warehousing, reverse logistics, demand forecasting and supply chain execution as key drivers for an efficient supply chain management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.