The Public Administration Viewed from the Reflective Public Servants

  •  Mirko Pecaric    


Public objectives are mostly implemented within the public administration. Despite Weber’s idea of rationality in the public administration the latter operates more in evolutionary manner by imitation of processes that have been effective in other areas. A starting point towards taming today’s complexity can be an individual who operates primarily from his/her personal characteristics, regardless of the existing theories about the public administration (PA) in a manner “think globally, act locally”. As long as we do not clearly know how cognitive processes affect the functioning of an individual, the subjective concepts of decision making and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) can be helpful, due to known levels of knowledge, skills and competences. Entering into the unknown with the full personal preparedness for changes will be the motto of the future PA. This motto is covered within the EQF’s levels from 6 to 8.

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