The Surveying of the Customer Relationship Management Effectiveness in Governmental Organizations and Estimated Optimal Pattern: Case Study: Sistan and Baluchestan Province

  •  Hossein Askaripoor    
  •  Mehdi Afkan    
  •  Morteza Sayareh    
  •  Mojtaba Moodi    


For optimizing the efficiency and giving the effective services to customer, there are many methods which have been proposed in different countries. In our country (Iran) to increase the satisfaction of client to organizations, “Respect for client project” in organization service was approved to the highly organization council. The goal of this study is characterization of the effective parameters in respect for client project which must be ordered by Analytical hierarchy process. This project was done in Sistan and Baluchestan province in two stages. The first one for identification of effective parameter on the mentioned plane will be taken the function (bases) of evaluation form in planning and management organization. At second step, these indexes were gathered and ordered by AHP questionnaire between chairmen and experts of 8 governmental systems and university professors.

After this step, the indexes were ranked with AHP method. With analysis of the results in notifying group, making the service and instructing place was allocated the highest ranking and ethical prism initialization in lowest of importance, as staff job behavior group avoid discriminating and obtaining the arrangement in occupational activity have the highest and lowest importance. Orderly, in the 3rd group, official space and equipment, location office automation has the highest priority and also occupational dimensions of office are in the lowest priority. As the latest group, the highest and lowest priorities were dependent on the rationality of required documents and announcement of the price satisfaction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.