New Organizational Forms of Contemporary Public Management: A Brief Analysis of Recent Experience of Mozambique

  •  Albino Simione    


This theoretical essay is dedicated to present the constituent elements and characteristics of bureaucracy as a form of organization of public administration. In a second step discusses the criticism of the ideal typical bureaucratic dysfunctions related from the perspective that defends its lack of flexibility and efficiency in the process of functioning of organizations. We discuss also the contemporary current that underlie the new forms of administration, New Public Management and Interactive Governance and exposes some experiments related to the adoption of these new standards of public management in the context of the Mozambican public administration. Their preparation was based on the literature on the concepts of bureaucracy, the new public management approaches and experiences of the management of the Mozambican context. Concludes the existence of changes in the model and patterns of public management in the country, especially with the implementation of the public administration reform (2001-2011).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.