Strategies to Implement Effective Personnel Evaluation System to Assess the Public Servants of Bangladesh

  •  Mohammad Ali    


Personnel evaluation system is a significant tool which manipulates efficiency of civil servants. Researchers have found that effectiveness of personnel evaluation system of Bangladesh is not satisfactory compared to expectancy. Unproductive personnel evaluation system of Bangladesh is liable for insufficient efficiency of civil servants. This study will emphasize the realization of effective personnel evaluation system to ascertain accountability and the enrichment of efficiency of civil servants. Running personnel evaluation system of Bangladesh is unskilled to employ the ability of civil servants, to give appropriate ways to perform work by civil servants, to guarantee proper utilization of working time of civil servants, and to produce the sense of belongingness among civil servants. It has no alignment strategy with organizational goals and objectives. Armstrong M. & Baron A. (2005) have stated that the success of personnel evaluation system notably depends on the alignment with clear organizational goals which are produced from organizational evaluation. Organizational performance indicators assist to create clear and unembroidered performance indicators for civil servants. Advanced and internal performance indicators of organization strengthen alignment strategy. Alignment strategy inspires personnel to move in the same way with the organization to accomplish common goals. Bangladesh needs strategies to ascertain alignment between personnel evaluation system and organizational goals.

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