What Drives Performance Budgeting to Perform? A Survey Examination in Taiwan

  •  Louis Liu    


This article attempts to investigate whether the international experiences generated from the success stories of advanced economies would also be recognized in the emerging markets. Generally speaking, budget experts around the globe are contending that performance budgeting would be properly put to work under the assistance of Medium-Term Expenditure Framework, fiscal transparence and other institutional arrangements. Based on this analytical framework, we employ the method of survey instrument to explore whether these assertions are also accepted in the emerging markets. The selective country case is Taiwan, one of the most successful emerging markets. We then justify our survey results by conducting confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). While there is high consensus over these international experiences in Taiwan, respondents in different categories feature slightly different attitude. Our survey results reveal that experts in academia are more affirmative toward these auxiliary institutional arrangements for performance budgeting compared to the practitioners in selective government’s agencies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.