Procurement Reforms in Africa: The Strides, Challenges, and Improvement Opportunities

  •  Mawuko Dza    
  •  Ron Fisher    
  •  Rod Gapp    


Procurement reforms are seen as essential for achieving a long term improvement in financial management within Africa. To gain insight into this situation an analysis of success stories and cases where challenges and difficulties have arisen were investigated. This material was content analysed using Mayring (2008) four-step process model. The findings demonstrate some initial improvement within African public sector financial management; however the complete and successful implementation of these reforms is fraught with problems. These issues that limit improved financial management through procurement reform included; inadequate education and training, legislative constraints, especially those associated with procurement technology, and a lack of political support for the reform process. In political terms the study identified that the current political position coupled with socio-cultural sensitivities of participating countries, has created a neglect of ethical and environmental considerations which in turn has slowed the pace and acceptance of reforms.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.