The Role of Beach Tourism in Sustainable Living of Rural Families: A Study in Mahmoud Abad Township, Iran

  •  Alireza Khajehshahkouhi    
  •  Bahman Sahneh    
  •  Seyedeh Khatereh Mousavei    


The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the role of beach tourism in sustainable living of rural families of the Mahmoud Abad Township that this study from the manner of goal is applicable-developmental and is based on the descriptive-survey method. The required data in this research regarding the type of method, is collected as a questionnaire that the people under study in this section are the total families inhabiting the beach villages in the area that the volume of the people under study has been selected using the Cochrane formula as 369 individuals and the field data were collected by the standard questionnaire. The results gathered were analyzed using the statistical examinations of Freedman, one-sided Chi-square, Wilcoxon, spearman, Kendal and Kramer. In the economic analysis section regarding all aspects we have come to this point that beach tourism has influenced the economic aspect of the lives of inhabitants and has improved their economic condition up to a point. Regarding the social and cultural state and with evaluation of related issues to this section, the state of being effected from non-native cultures and the culture of inhabitants being influenced has been evaluated and in relation with environmental circumstances regarding the observations and the state of the area and utilizing the statistical examinations of Wilcoxon results, it should be stated that environmental changes has occurred in a negative way in beaches after tourists’ arrival.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.