High-order Filtered Schemes for the Hamilton-Jacobi Continuum Limit of Nondominated Sorting

  •  Warut Thawinrak    
  •  Jeff Calder    


We investigate high-order finite difference schemes for the Hamilton-Jacobi equation continuum limit of nondominated sorting. Nondominated sorting is an algorithm for sorting points in Euclidean space into layers by repeatedly removing minimal elements. It is widely used in multi-objective optimization, which finds applications in many scientific and engineering contexts, including machine learning. In this paper, we show how to construct filtered schemes, which combine high order possibly unstable schemes with first order monotone schemes in a way that guarantees stability and convergence while enjoying the additional accuracy of the higher order scheme in regions where the solution is smooth. We prove that our filtered schemes are stable and converge to the viscosity solution of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation, and we provide numerical simulations to investigate the rate of convergence of the new schemes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.