Korovkin Approximation Theorem with Ω Striped

  •  Malik Al-Muhja    
  •  Mohammad Mursaleen    
  •  Masnita Misiran    
  •  Zurni B. Omar    
  •  Sui Yang Khoo    


In this paper, we discuss some theorem reached M. Mursaleen, there are several properties of statistical lacunary summability presented (Mursaleen, M. & Alotaibi,A., 2011; Mursaleen, M. &Alotaibi, A., 2011; Edely, O. H. & Mursaleen, M., 2009). This is concerned the motivate to narrowly delineated context denoted by Ω striped usage in prove our theorem (theorem A). We introduce some piecewise polynomial functions (Kopotun,K. A., 2006) and some results Korovkin theorem.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.