TL-moments and L-moments Estimation of the Generalized Logistic Distribution

  •  Ummi Ahmad    
  •  Ani Shabri    
  •  Zahrahtul Amani Zakaria    


The generalized logistic (GLO) distribution has been used widely in extreme value event evaluation and also popular
in hydrological risk analysis. In estimating the high return period events, censoring the data from below might be advantageous
since the small floods are less significant to large ones, so the used of small floods can sometimes be only
a nuisance value. In this paper the method of trimmed L-moments with one smallest value were trimmed (TLMOM1)
was introduced as an alternative ways in estimating the flood for higher return period. TLMOM1 has an ability to reduce
undesirable influence of small sample might have compared to former TL-moments (TLMOM) and L-moments (LMOM)
method. The main objective of this study is to derive the TLMOM1 for GLO distribution. The performance of TLMOM1
was compared with LMOM and TLMOM through Monte Carlo simulation and stream flows data over station in Terengganu,
Malaysia. The result shows that in certain cases, TLMOM1 is a better option as compared to LMOM and TLMOM
in modelling those series.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.