Solution of HIV and Malaria Coinfection Model Using Msgdtm

  •  Bonyah Ebenezer    
  •  Kwasi Awuah-Werekoh    
  •  Joseph Acquah    


In this paper, we investigate an epidemic model of HIV and Malaria co-infection using fractional order Calculus (FOC). The multistep generalized differential transform method (MSGDTM) is employed to obtain an accurate approximate solution to the epidemic model of HIV and Malaria co-infection disease in fractional order. A unique positive solution for HIV and Malaria co-infection is presented in fractional order form. For the integer case derivatives, the approximate solution of MSGDTM and the Runge–Kutta–order four scheme are compared. Numerical results are produced for the justification for this method.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.