A New Application Methodology of the Fourier Transform for Rational Approximation of the Complex Error Function

  •  S. Abrarov    
  •  B. M. Quine    


This paper presents a new approach in application of the Fourier transform to the complex error function resulting in an efficient rational approximation. Specifically, the computational test shows that with only $17$ summation terms the obtained rational approximation of the complex error function provides accuracy ${10^{ - 15}}$ over the most domain of practical importance $0 \le x \le 40,000$ and ${10^{ - 4}} \le y \le {10^2}$ required for the HITRAN-based spectroscopic applications. Since the rational approximation does not contain trigonometric or exponential functions dependent upon the input parameters $x$ and $y$, it is rapid in computation. Such an example demonstrates that the considered methodology of the Fourier transform may be advantageous in practical applications.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.