On the $O(1/k)$ Convergence Rate of He's Alternating Directions Method for a Kind of Structured Variational Inequality Problem

  •  Haiwen Xu    


The  alternating directions method for a kind of structured variational inequality problem (He, 2001) is an attractive method for structured monotone variational inequality problems. In each iteration, the subproblemsare  convex quadratic minimization problem with simple constraintsand a well-conditioned system of nonlinear equations that can be efficiently solvedusing classical methods. Researchers have recently described the convergence rateof projection and contraction methods for variational inequality problems andthe original ADM and its linearized variant. Motivated and inspired by researchinto the convergence rate of these methods, we provide a simple proof to show the $O(1/k)$ convergencerate of  alternating directions methods for structured monotone variational inequality problems (He, 2001).

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