Theory and Application of Characteristic Finite Difference Fractional Step Method of Capillary Force Enhanced Oil Production

  •  Yirang Yuan    
  •  Aijie Cheng    
  •  Danping Yang    
  •  Changfeng Li    
  •  Tongjun Sun    


A kind of second-order implicit characteristic fractional steps finite difference method is presented in this paper for the numerical simulation coupled system of enhanced (chemical) oil production on consideration capillary force in porous media. Some techniques, such as the calculus of variations, energy analysis method, commutativity of the products of difference operators, decomposition of high-order difference operators and the theory of a priori estimates are introduced and an optimal order error estimates in $l^2$ norm is derived. This method has been applied successfully the numerical simulation of enhanced oil production in actual oilfields, and the simulation results are quite interesting and satisfactory.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.