Engineering Students’ Perception of Financial Mathematics-An empirical study based on the EAPH-MF scale

  •  Carlos Rojas-Kramer    
  •  Arturo Garcia-Santillan    
  •  Liliana Fuentes-Rosas    
  •  Gabriel E. Benitez-Moreno    
  •  Arturo Cordova-Rangel    


In this study, the EAPH-MF test was administered to a sample of undergraduates, with the purpose of comparing the results with those observed in the original research of “Author” (2011), regarding students’ perception and attitudes toward financial-mathematics courses. The sample comprised 209 Industrial-Engineering students, who were enrolled in the Mexican university “Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Tierra Blanca”, and had finished one or more financial-mathematics courses. The study replicated the same method applied in the original research, aiming to assess the relevance of the variables under study and their probable correlation. It was observed that, whenever the teaching-learning process incorporated the variables of the EAPH-MF scale as a didactic strategy, the results validated similar behaviors among students in both samples. These variables -the history of mathematics, spreadsheet programming, design of simulators, a computer platform, and the participation of virtual communities- accounted for 60% of the variance of the phenomenon under study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.