Master-Slave Algorithm for Highly Accurate and Rapid Computation of the Voigt/Complex Error Function

  •  S. Abrarov    
  •  B. Quine    


We obtain a rational approximation of the Voigt/complex error function by Fourier expansion of the exponential function ${e^{ - {{\left( {t - 2\sigma } \right)}^2}}}$ and present master-slave algorithm for its efficient computation. The error analysis shows that at $y > {10^{ - 5}}$ the computed values match with highly accurate references up to the last decimal digits. The common problem that occurs at $y \to 0$ is effectively resolved by main and supplementary approximations running computation flow in a master-slave mode. Since the proposed approximation is rational function, it can be implemented in a rapid algorithm.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.