Scales Bridging in the Model of Growth of Animals, a Holistic Slant

  •  V. L. Stass    


Scales bridging problem has been studied in mathematics and the natural sciences for decades. In this study we concentrate on a model of growth of animals. The model of growth of pigs was built in two different techniques continuum, and non-local. The both techniques model the same process and use the same variables. However, the outcomes that one can acquire from them are different. In this study, in this model, the problem how to bridge scales between genotype, and phenotypes of ontogenetic growth remain intact; it has not been considered. We narrowed the gap instead and discussed scales bridging problem between biochemistry of digestion, and the growth of animals. This range of scales the model potentially can bridge. In this study we discuss what does it mean bridge a scale. How to identify the scale to bridge. What means one has, to perform it. In this research non-local modelling technique was used. It was shown that this technique has sufficient power to make known emergent events in animals’ growth. The use of the non-local modelling technique to bridge the scale was discussed.    

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.