The Probabilities of Obtaining Solitary Wave and Other Solutions in the Modified Noguchi Power Line

  •  Jean R. Bogning    
  •  Cédric Jeatsa Dongmo    
  •  Clément Tchawoua    


We use the implicit Bogning function (iB-function) to proceed to a kind of inventory of the possible solutions of the modified nonlinear partial differential equation which characterizes the modified power line of Noguchi. Firstly, we make an inventory of the forms of solutions through a field of possible solutions, then we identify the most probable forms that we set out to look for. The iB-function is used because it summarizes within it several types of different functions depending on the choice of its characteristics and it is easy to handle in the case of strongly nonlinear partial differential equations. In other words, we use the notion of probability to locate, through the characteristic indices of iB-functions, the forms of solitary and traveling wave solutions likely to propagate in the modified Noguchi power line.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.