Growth Pattern of Animals Is a Model for the Growth of Humans

  •  V. L. Stass    


The aim of this research was to translate a reading of a growth model of pigs to the modelling of growth of humans. The growth of individuals in the studied species is both a species-specific and phenotype-dependant process. The process is known as ontogenesis and has been considered as a dynamic system. The method used in the study was mathematical modelling. A hybrid model of animal's growth was applied to the experimental evidence to produce a reading of the growth dynamic. In the study, an earlier formulated analytical model of pig growth was developed to analyse a possible translation to the growth of humans. The study implies that in animals, the growth trajectory is phenotype-dependant, nonlinear and discontinuous. In some aspects such as saltatory growth and longevity as well as the discontinuous dynamic of the growth trajectory the translation of the results for the modelling the growth of humans were discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.