Motivic Hypercohomology Solutions in Field Theory and Applications in H-States

  •  Francisco Bulnes    


Triangulated derived categories are considered which establish a commutative scheme (triangle) for determine or compute a hypercohomology of motives for the obtaining of solutions of the field equations. The determination of this hypercohomology arises of the derived category $\textup{DM}_{\textup {gm}}(k)$,  which is of the motivic objects whose image is under $\textup {Spec}(k)$  that is to say, an equivalence of the underlying triangulated tensor categories, compatible with respective functors on $\textup{Sm}_{k}^{\textup{Op}}$. The geometrical motives will be risked with the moduli stack to holomorphic bundles. Likewise, is analysed the special case where complexes $C=\mathbb{Q}(q)$,  are obtained when cohomology groups of the isomorphism $H_{\acute{e}t}^{p}(X,F_{\acute{e}t})\cong (X,F_{Nis})$,   can be vanished for  $p>\textup{dim}(Y)$.  We observe also the Beilinson-Soul$\acute{e}$ vanishing  conjectures where we have the vanishing $H^{p}(F,\mathbb{Q}(q))=0, \ \ \textup{if} \ \ p\leq0,$ and $q>0$,   which confirms the before established. Then survives a hypercohomology $\mathbb{H}^{q}(X,\mathbb{Q})$. Then its objects are in $\textup{Spec(Sm}_{k})$.  Likewise, for the complex Riemannian manifold the integrals of this hypercohomology are those whose functors image will be in $\textup{Spec}_{H}\textup{SymT(OP}_{L_{G}}(D))$, which is the variety of opers on the formal disk $D$, or neighborhood of all point in a surface $\Sigma$.  Likewise, will be proved that $\mathrm{H}^{\vee}$,  has the decomposing in components as hyper-cohomology groups which can be characterized as H- states in Vec$_\mathbb{C}$, for field equations $d \textup{da}=0$,  on the general linear group with $k=\mathbb{C}$.  A physics re-interpretation of the superposing, to the dual of the spectrum $\mathrm{H}^{\vee}$,  whose hypercohomology is a quantized version of the cohomology space $H^{q}(Bun_{G},\mathcal{D}^{s})=\mathbb{H}^{q}_{G[[z]]}(\mathrm{G},(\land^{\bullet}[\Sigma^{0}]\otimes \mathbb{V}_{critical},\partial))$ is the corresponding deformed derived category for densities $\mathrm{h} \in \mathrm{H}$, in quantum field theory.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.