Graceful Labeling of Hypertrees

  •  H. El-Zohny    
  •  S. Radwan    
  •  S.I. Abo El-Fotooh    
  •  Z. Mohammed    


Graph labeling is considered as one of the most interesting areas in graph theory. A labeling for a simple graph G (numbering or valuation), is an association of non -negative integers to vertices of G  (vertex labeling) or to edges of G  (edge labeling) or both of them. In this paper we study the graceful labeling for the k- uniform hypertree and define a condition for the corresponding tree to be graceful. A k- uniform hypertree is graceful if the minimum difference of vertices’ labels of each edge is distinct and each one is the label of the corresponding edge.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.