Characterizations of the Discrete Lindley and Discrete Poisson-Lindley Distributions

  •  G.G. Hamedani    
  •  Mahrokh Najaf    


Certain characterizations of the discrete Lindley and discrete Poisson-Lindley distributions, originally introduced by Bakouch, Jazi and Nadarjah (2014) and Sankaran (1970), respectively, are presented. Al-Babtain, Gemeay and Afify (2020) revisited these distributions and provided estimation methods and actuarial measures as well as their applications in medicine. This short note is intended to complete, in some way, Al-Babtain, Gemeay and Afify (2020)’s work. It should be mentioned that the probability mass functions reported in the two papers mentioned above are not correct. In this note, it will be explained why they are not correct.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.