Numerical Study of Spurious Inertial Modes in Shallow Water Models for a Variable Bathymetry

  •  Gossouhon SITIONON    
  •  Adama COULIBALY    
  •  Jérome Kablan ADOU    


In this study we perform a modal analysis of the linear inviscid shallow water equations using a non constant bathymetry, continuous and discontinuous Galerkin approximations. By extracting the discrete eigenvalues of the resulting algebraic linear system written on the form of a generalized eigenvalue / eigenvector problem we first show that the regular variation of the bathymetry does not prevent the presence of spurious inertial modes when centered finite element pairs are used. Secondly, we show that such spurious modes are not present in discontinuous Galerkin discretizations when all variables are approximated in the same descrete space. Such spurious inertial modes have been found very damageable for the quality of inertia-gravity and Rossby modes in ocean modelling.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.