Criteria for H-Matrices Based on γ−Diagonally Dominant Matrix

  •  Xin Li    
  •  Mei Qin    


In this paper, we present a new practical criteria for H-matrix based on γ-diagonally dominant matrix. In order to make the judgment conditions convenient and effective, we give two new definitions, one is called strong and weak diagonally dominant degree, the other is called the sum of non-principal diagonal element for the matrix. Further, we obtain a new practical method for the determination of the H-matrix by combining the properties of γ-diagonally dominant matrix, constructing positive diagonal matrix, and adding the appropriate parameters. Finally, we offer numerical examples to verify the validity of the judgment conditions, corresponding numerical examples compared the new criteria and the existing results are presented to verify the advantages of the new determination method.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.