Design ”Strong Diffie-Hellman-Exponential-Schnnor Key Exchange” Over Elliptic Curves (SDH-XS-KE Over EC)

  •  Demba Sow    
  •  Mamadou Ghouraissiou Camara    


In this paper, we design the so called  ”Strong Diffie-Hellman-Exponential-Schnnor Key Exchange (called SDH-XS-KE)”over Elliptic curves. SDH-XS-KE is a key echange protocol proposed in 2014. The protocol SDH-XS-KE improves the”Strong Diffie-Hellman-DSA Key Exchange (called SDH-DSA-KE)” proposed by Jeong and al. in 2007. First SDH-XSKE is designed in finite groups such that Z=pZ where p is a prime number. So, in this paper, we present the elliptic curves version of the protocol SDH-XS-KE.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.