The Importance of Consumers’ Knowledge About Food Quality, Labeling and Safety in Food Choice

  •  Slavica Grujic    
  •  Radoslav Grujic    
  •  Dorde Petrovic    
  •  Jelena Gajic    


With the aim to investigate existence of difference between responses of selected groups of young consumers representatives toward information associated with knowledge about food quality, labeling, safety and conditions of the product use, the results of survey were analyzed crossing the groups of consumers regarding: (1) education and (2) gender, with the other variables: (i) information related to food quality, labeling and food safety; (ii) information related to food safety; (iii) information associated with individual experience in food purchasing, preparing and consuming. The questionnaire offered answers with three grade of importance. Our research showed that groups of students formed on the basis of their education and gender, in our survey considered as representatives of young adults, had different interest for selected set of information included in the statements connected with food quality, safety and food choice. The results showed that there is a need for better informing and education of consumers about food quality and safety, labels and labeling, and how to use and interpret labels content. The results of research represent a qualitative set of information related to the food preference, which could be useful for creation and development guidelines for consumers’ better informing and education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.