Acceptability of Amaranth Grain-based Nutritious Complementary Foods with Dagaa Fish (Rastrineobola argentea) and Edible Termites (Macrotermes subhylanus) Compared to Corn Soy Blend Plus among Young Children/Mothers Dyads in Western Kenya

  •  Silvenus Konyole    
  •  John Kinyuru    
  •  Bethwell Owuor    
  •  Glaston Kenji    
  •  Christine Onyango    
  •  Benson Estambale    
  •  Henrik Friis    
  •  Nanna Roos    
  •  Victor Owino    


We assessed acceptability of two flours and porridges of complementary foods based on germinated grain amaranth and maize with or without edible termites and dagaa small fish named “Winfood Classic” (WFC) and “Winfood Lite” (WFL), respectively, compared to Corn Soy Blend Plus (CSB+) among mothers and young children. A total of 57 children consumed each of the three foods on separate days with one-day washout between foods. Each food was considered acceptable if the child consumed at least 75% of the serving. Most mothers preferred WFL flour and porridge (63.2% and 70.2%, respectively) compared to WFC (24.4% and 10.5%) and CSB+ (12.3% and 19.3%). Children consuming at least 75% of served porridge were 43%, 19.6% and 21% for WFL, WFC and CSB+, respectively. No adverse effects were observed for all the foods throughout the study period and follow up lasting 4 weeks. All foods were acceptable and can be further developed and be tested for efficacy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.