Greener Analytical Method for Determination of Iodine Number of Edible Oils

  •  Thidarat Kruatian    
  •  Kritsana Jitmanee    


A greener analytical method for determination of iodine number (IN) of oils is presented. As per the AOAC standard method, a large amount of solvent and reagent was used, and long incubation time was required. This research is aimed at using less amount of solvent and reagent, less sample weight, and shorten the analysis time by using the modified titrimetric AOAC standard method. The study showed that by reducing the sample size, the amount of reagent could be decreased to 1.00 mL and the reaction time of 1 min is enough for completion of the reaction. The amount of reagent used was at least 25 times less than that of the classical method. There was no significant difference at 95% confidence level between the results obtained by the proposed method and the standard method, and both results correlated well. The present method can be applied to edible oils commonly found in the market (iodine number range of 6.0 to 130).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.