Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Equitable Futures Program for Urban Public Schools

  •  Christine Yeh    
  •  Stephanie Khaziran    
  •  Mio Tsukamoto Berk    
  •  Emily Hong Daniel    


We describe the development, implementation, and evaluation of a culturally-responsive college access program, Make It Happen, aimed at increasing educational opportunity for historically-targeted middle and high school students. The sample included 254 participants who participated in the evidence-based 10-session program. These participants completed surveys before and after the program which inquired about their (1) school engagement, (2) social connectedness, and (3) academic and college help-seeking self-efficacy. T-test analyses were conducted and determined the participants at post-test, felt significantly more engaged at school, more connected to others, and more self-efficacious in seeking support for information about academics and college. The authors describe the importance of working with teachers, school staff, and counselors to foster a supportive and positive exploratory space for students who could benefit from learning about their future options (Beesley, 2004; Yeh, Ching, Okubo, & Luthar, 2007).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.