Evaluation of a Retrieved Pyrolithic Reactor to Be Used in Small Farms

  •  Helder Carozzi    
  •  Carlos Nogueira    
  •  Thaís Gazola    
  •  Francielle Schneider    
  •  Jair Siqueira    
  •  Diogo Giomo    


The aim of this paper was to evaluate the energy efficiency of a small Generator Motor Group (GMG), driven by internal combustion (fueled with water and gasoline), using pyrolytic reactor technology (GEET). In order to achieve this, the pyrolytic reactor was designed and built, so that when in operation, it obtains extra energy necessary for the pyrolysis process from the thermal energy produced by the combustion of the exhaust gases. In order to determine the efficiency of the small GMG, in conjunction with the GEET, two experiments were carried out: the first one was characterized by the operation and use of the GMG equipped with a carburetor, and when in use it used only ordinary gasoline as fuel. The second experiment was characterized by the insertion of the pyrolytic reactor, which allowed the motor generator group, when in operation, to use water and gasoline as fuel, according to the proportions defined in the methodology. It was possible to verify that the engine, when reaching the voltage near the nominal (115Vac), for the same type and value of load fed, the GEET device presented, during the tests, high and low efficiency results, showing that the experiment is promising, but requires more work and more investigations for correct evaluation of the phenomena observed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.