Influence of Type of Birth and Sex on Weaning Weight of Dorper Crossbred Lambs

  •  Geraldo Dos Santos Tupinambá    
  •  Tiago Valente    
  •  Jeferson Corrêa Ribeiro    
  •  Wallacy Barbacena Rosa dos Santos    
  •  Andréia Santos Cezário    
  •  Erico da Silva Lima    
  •  Bruno Borges Deminicis    
  •  Aline Sousa Camargos    


The aim of the present study was to analyze live weight and growth data of live weight at birth to 24.5-25.5 kg in weaned Dorper crossbred lambs. A total of 93 Dorper crossbred born lambs (½ Dorper + ½ Santa Inês) were evaluated, with percentage of 17.7 double (twin couple = 21%, twin with only females = 50%, twin with only males 29%). The sex of the lamb influenced (P < 0.05) the live weight at birth total (LWBtotal) and live weight at birth average (LWBaverage), the male lambs had in both characteristics superior values. No differences (P > 0.05) were found for the age at weaning (AW), live weight at birth total (LWWtotal) and live weight at weaning average (LWWaverage). For the type of birth all characteristics were significant (P < 0.05). For doubling birth the characteristics LWBtotal, AW and LWWtotal had higher values

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.