Macronutrients Use Efficiency and Phosphorus Exportation by Melon Plants in Response to Fertilization

  •  José Pinheiro    
  •  Adriana Artur    
  •  Carlos Taniguchi    
  •  Jaciane Souza    
  •  William Natale    
  •  Ricardo Santos    
  •  Esraelda Araújo    
  •  Thais Martins    


This study aimed to evaluate macronutrients use efficiency and phosphorus accumulation, partition and partial balance in the melon hybrid Goldex F1, in response to mineral and organic fertilizers. The following fertilizations were evaluated: mineral fertilizer; bovine manure; bovine manure associated with mineral fertilizer; poultry litter; and poultry litter associated with mineral fertilizer. Plants were collected and separated into leaves, stem, and flowers and, when there were, unripe and ripe fruits for chemical analysis. Phosphorus accumulation increased along the melon crop cycle. Phosphorus partition between leaves + stems + flowers and unripe fruits + ripe fruits showed that about 80% of P was allocated to the fruits. The decreasing order of use by the plant was S > P > Mg > Ca > N > K. Only the treatment with poultry litter was within the range considered as adequate for P recovery. Mineral and organic fertilizers did not interfere with nutrient accumulation and P partition by the melon plants.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.