Biological Control Potential of Streptomyces sp. AR10 Producing Albocycline Isolated from Soil around Ant Nest

  •  Tatsuya Ohike    
  •  Tetsuya Matsukawa    
  •  Masahiro Okanami    
  •  Shin’ichiro Kajiyama    
  •  Takashi Ano    


Fifty actinomycetes were isolated from fifteen soil samples and were screened for their antagonism against fungal plant pathogens by dual culture assay, and one of the strain named AR10 was shown to be most effective in suppression of growth of plant pathogen. An antifungal compound of AR10 was extracted, and purified by TLC and HPLC. As a result of NMR and LC-MS analysis, the antifungal compound was identified as albocycline. AR10 suppressed Rhizoctonia damping-off of cucumber in infection control assay. The 16S rDNA sequence of AR10 shows high sequence similarity to those of genus Streptomyces, and the closest similarity was found in the sequence of S. lanatus NBRC 12787T with 98.7% similarity. However, the production of albocycline in Streptomyces closely related to AR10 in the phylogenetic tree has not been reported. Our finding suggests that AR10 can be a candidate for biological control agents.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.