Agricultural and Aquacultural Potential of Olive Pomace A Review

  •  Constantina Nasopoulou    
  •  Ioannis Zabetakis    


Olive Pomace (OP) is the main agricultural by-product of olive industry; because of its nature, it is a major environmental issue for all the olive-producing countries. Research on the waste-management issues of OP has been active over the last decade. The data presented in the present review suggest that OP could be exploited as an alternative dietary lipid source in compounded fish feeds resulting in the formulation of functional fish feeds and aquacultured fish according to the EU legislation (EC 1924/2006). Moreover OP can also be used in agriculture by inclusion in animal feeds without attenuating animal performance and meat quality.

In this review, all the latest results on the in vitro and in vivo studies regarding the usage of OP in fish and animal feeds are evaluated and the environmental and nutritional implications for aquaculture and agriculture industries are presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.