Evaluation of the Ecological Environment of the Fuhe River Based on the Diversity of Fish

  •  Hao Wu    
  •  Jing Zhu    
  •  Zherui Zhang    
  •  Zefan Gu    
  •  Weixuan Chen    
  •  Xinyong Chen    


This article takes the Fuhe River, which has water flowing into Baiyangdian all year round, as the research object. Through actual investigation and measurement of planktonic flora and fauna, benthic organisms, fish, and large vascular plants in the river, and based on fish diversity, the comprehensive evaluation index method is used to scientifically evaluate the ecological environment quality of the Fuhe River. The results showed that a total of 28 species of phytoplankton, 30 species of zooplankton, 11 species of benthic animals, 8 species of submerged plants, and 11 species of fish were detected in the survey area; From a diversity perspective, the diversity of the upstream and downstream river sections is higher than that of the downstream. Overall, the ecological environment quality of the Fuhe River in Baoding City ranges from medium to good, with good water quality in the upstream section and moderate water quality in the middle and downstream sections. This study provides a case study for the scientific evaluation of the ecological environment quality of the upper reaches of Baiyangdian.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.