Improving Maize Production and Farmers’ Income Using System Dynamics Model

  •  Erma Suryani    
  •  Ulfa Emi Rahmawati    
  •  Alifia Az Zahra    


Maize demand for feed, industry, and consumption is increasing in line with the increase in population and industry, while the supply of maize does not meet the demand. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the significant variables that affect maize cultivation and scenarios to increase maize production and farmers’ income using simulation model. As a method to develop the models, a system dynamics simulation model is used to accommodate internal and external variables that affect the production and farmers’ income which can be done using organic fertilizer, the integration between land expansion and organic fertilizer, and the implementation of precision agriculture. The simulation results show that land area, use of fertilizers, and technology adoption affect the production and income of maize farmers. The scenarios developed include organic fertilizer scenario, expansion and organic fertilizer scenario, and precision agriculture scenario. The resulting scenario can be used as a recommendation for the government and stakeholders in developing strategies and policies related to a sustainable maize farming system that can help increase the production and income of maize farmers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.