Harvest Seasons and Physiological Quality of Buffel Grass cv. Aridus Seeds

  •  Josiane Cantuária Figueiredo    
  •  Andréia Márcia Santos de Souza David    
  •  Dorismar David Alves    
  •  Hugo Tiago Ribeiro Amaro    
  •  Eduardo Fontes Araújo    
  •  Cleisson Dener da Silva    
  •  Danúbia Aparecida Costa Nobre    


The objective of this research is to study the maturation process of buffel grass cv. Aridus seeds in order to determine their best harvest season, aiming at maximum seed quality. During the inflorescence emergence phase, they were labeled upon showing from five to ten inflorescences emerged per m2. The first seed harvest was done 20 days after inflorescence emergence, and the other harvests were done at 5-day intervals, totaling six harvests. In each harvest season, the seeds were assessed as to water content, dry matter mass, germination, first germination count, seedlings emergence, emergence speed index, and electrical conductivity. The physiological maturity of buffel grass seeds (maximum germination, vigor and dry matter accumulation) occurs from 38 to 42 days after inflorescence emergence, moment when harvest must be done.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.