Microbial Activity of a Plinthosol With Application of Thiamethoxam Insecticide and Biochar

  •  Fernanda Salles Cunha Peres    
  •  Fabiano André Petter    
  •  Daniela Tiago da Silva Campos    
  •  Heiriane Martins Sousa    
  •  Larissa Borges de Lima    
  •  Onã da Silva Freddi    
  •  Ben Hur Marimon Júnior    


Although thiamethoxam is an insecticide widely used in agriculture, its high mobility and persistence in the soil can result in contamination of groundwater and alteration in biogeochemical cycles. The objective of this study was to verify the effect of biochar, NPK fertilizer and thiamethoxam insecticide on soil microbial properties. The experiment was conducted in a randomized block design composed of the doses combination of mineral fertilizer NPK (0 and 300 kg ha-1 of the formulated 05-25-15), and biochar (0, 8, 16 and 32 t ha-1) in the absence and presence of thiamethoxam. Deformed soil samples were collected in all plots in the 0 to 0.10 m layer to determine the activity of the enzymes: acid and alkaline phosphatase, beta glucosidase and urease, beyond the microbial biomass carbon (MBC), basal respiration rate (C-CO2) and metabolic quotient (qCO2). To compare soil microbiology before and after the application of thiamethoxam, multivariate statistical techniques were used. The application of biochar resulted in increased enzymatic activity of urease, acid phosphatase, increase of qCO2 and basal respiration and reduction of MBC. In contrast, the application of the thiamethoxam insecticide suppressed the enzymatic activity of urease, acid phosphatase, resulting, however, in the elevation of alkaline phosphatase and basal respiration of the soil. Biochar application at doses greater than or equal to 16 t ha-1 resulted in elevation of qCO2 and reduction of MBC, regardless of the absence or presence of NPK chemical fertilization. Biochar effect on soil microbiological attributes is less significant than the effect of thiamethoxam application.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.