Physiological Growth Attributes, Productivity, Chemical Quality of the Fruits of Physalis peruviana Under a Foliar Mineral Supplementation

  •  Tiago Pedó    
  •  Ivan R. Carvalho    
  •  Vinícius J. Szareski    
  •  Cristian Troyjack    
  •  João R. Pimentel    
  •  Ruddy A. V. Escalera    
  •  Francielen L. da Silva    
  •  Márcio Peter    
  •  Tiago Z. Aumonde    
  •  Leandro da C. Oliveira    
  •  Francisco A. Villela    
  •  Leonardo Nora    
  •  Carlos R. Mauch    


This work aimed to evaluate the influence of the interval of additional fertilizers on growth, productivity and quality of the fruits of Physalis peruviana. Plants were subjected to the treatments: no supplementary foliar fertilizing; weekly interval of supplementary foliar fertilizing and biweekly interval of supplementary foliar fertilizing. Growth, productivity and quality after harvest were analyzed. Plants under weekly interval of supplementary foliar fertilizing presented a higher leaf area and harvest index, however, under biweekly interval, plants presented higher productivity and fruit quality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.