Nonlinear Models for Plant Height of Rye Cultivars at Sowing Times

  •  Jéssica Andiara Kleinpaul    
  •  Alberto Cargnelutti Filho    
  •  Daniela Lixinski Silveira    
  •  Ismael Mario Marcio Neu    
  •  Cirineu Tolfo Bandeira    
  •  Andréia Procedi    


Adjusting nonlinear Gompertz and Logistic models will help in the understanding of the growth pattern of the rye crop and also in the height response of the plant, when planted in different environmental conditions. The the aims of this study were to adjust the nonlinear Gompertz and Logistic models for plant height and indicate the one that best describes growth of two rye cultivars in five sowing times. Ten uniformity trials were conducted with the rye crop in the 2016 harvest. In each trial, ten randomly selected plants were evaluated from the first expanded leaf weekly. In each plant height was measured. The adjustment of the Gompertz and Logistic models as a function of the accumulated thermal sum was performed with the average plant height at each evaluation. The parameters a, b, and c were estimated for each model. The confidence interval for each parameter and the inflection points, maximum acceleration, maximum deceleration and asymptotic deceleration were calculated. The quality of fit of the models was verified by the coefficient of determination, Akaike's information criterion and residual standard deviation. Intrinsic non-linearity and non-linearity of the parameter effect were quantified. Both models describe satisfactorily the plant height. The model that best describes the growth of rye cultivars is Logistic.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.