Effect of Hydroxy (HHO) Gas Injection in a Gasoline Electric Generator for Rural Areas

  •  Laís Fernanda Juchem do Nascimento    
  •  Vander Fabio Silveira    
  •  Jair Antonio Cruz Siqueira    
  •  Samuel Nelson Melegari de Souza    
  •  Carlos Eduardo Camargo Nogueira    
  •  Hélcio Alexandre Rodrigues Zilotti    
  •  Emmanuelle Albara Zago    
  •  Luciene Kazue Tokura    
  •  Everton Ortiz Rocha    
  •  Félix Augusto Pazuch    


This study aimed to evaluate how the HHO gas injection from an electrolyser, conventional bipolar type, works inside a motor-generator fueled with gasoline for utilization in rural areas. After the injection of HHO gas together with gasoline, the parameters of exhaust gases, exhaust temperature, pollution expelled, specific consumption of the engine and excess air, were checked and compared. The main results allowed the evaluation of the engine, when it was fueled with gasoline and HHO gas, which had a better performance than that when fed only with gasoline. The results showed that the engine consume less gasoline and generate fewer pollutant gases when in operation with the injection of HHO gas without the need of radical changes in the engine design.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.