The Effectiveness of Relaxation Therapy in the Reduction of Anxiety Related Symptoms (A Case Study)

  •  Uzma Ali    
  •  Shazia Hasan    


The aim of present paper is to highlight the significance of relaxation therapy for the reduction of anxiety related
symptoms. This paper is based on a case of a girl who was suffering from fatigue and pain hampering her
occupational and social life to certain level. Her problem remained unresolved through previous treatment. In
psychological clinic psychological interventions of relaxation therapy were applied which included deep breath,
instant vacation, ideal relaxation, visualization etc. IPAT Anxiety and IPAT Depression scale were administered
before the start of therapy. Detailed history and psycho diagnostic report indicated that client could be diagnosed
as having Anxiety Disorder NOS category according to the criteria of DSM-IV-TR. Subsequent to application of
different techniques of relaxation therapy client also learned to do it herself at home. After twelve sessions both
scales of anxiety and depression were administered again. Results showed drastic decrease in the level of anxiety
and depression. Hence as reported by patient there was also reduction in muscle tension, pain, sleep disturbances
and her occupational and social functioning were also restored.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.