Religious Coping, Job Insecurity and Job Stress among Javanese Academic Staff: a Moderated Regression Analysis

  •  Triantoro Safaria    
  •  Ahmad bin Othman    
  •  Muhammad Nubli Abdul Wahab    


Work is a demand for an adult, because through working, person can actualize their skill and achieve their
aspiration. Beside that through working, person can meets their basic needs of life. Yet, working also has a
hidden threat that can be suddenly attack and eradicate the well being of person. Those hidden threat is called
as a strain and stress.
The present study purposes to examine relationship between job insecurity, and the role of religious coping as
moderator variables with job stress among Javanese academic staff. Contextual factor should be considered to
achieve more in depth comprehension about dynamic relationship of job stress, especially this study take
Javanese culture account for understanding of contextualizing theory of job stress. Moderated multiple
regression was conducted to examine this issue.
The result of study confirmed that there is a significant relationship between job insecurity with job stress, and
religious coping moderate the relationship between job insecurity with job stress. The mechanism of
relationship among exogenous and endogenous variables was discussed in a paper below.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.