Pay Equity Sensitivity and Person-Environment Fit

  •  Kamarul Zaman Ahmad    


Most previous studies of Person-Environment fit have failed to use objective measures of the work environment
that are independent of the person examined. This study aims to further develop and improve the
operationalisation of Person-Environment fit by investigating objective fit and by marrying concepts from Equity
Theory (Adams, 1965). Equity sensitivity was measured as a personality trait by the 16PF (Cattel et al 1987) and
group size (obtained from company records) was the objective measure of the work environment. On the basis of
data from 257 shop-floor workers in a factory in Wales, UK, results of hierarchical multiple regression generally
indicated that the relationship between sensitivity and pay satisfaction are moderated by group size such that the
relationship is positive in small groups and negative in large groups.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.