Reasons and Ramifications of Tardy Marriages among Educated Muslim Women Folk in Indian Controlled Kashmir: An Introspection from Social Psychology Standpoint

  •  Suriya Hamid    


Since times immemorial, marriage is considered as an act by virtue of which two individuals make their relationship manifest in terms of a bond that putatively lasts for life time. Spiritually, marriages are believed to be settled in heavens and solemnized on earth. This metaphoric scenario is often practiced other way round in the valley of Kashmir. As a matter of fact, the process of seeking a life associate and its consolidation in terms of marriage is so cumbersome and unenviable that it often leads the women folk of Kashmir into cyclic rethinking about its eudaemonia. In the anticipation of endorsements for a happy married life with the tendency of zeroing risk factors, the dingy psycho-evolved system that is dominant now-a-days leads the Kashmir phratry towards the manifestation of tardy marriages. This piece of research work aims to ascertain the reasons and axiomatic ramifications that lead to tardy marriages among educated Muslim Women folk in Kashmir Valley. This study is also an attempt to comprehend the social stratification and cultural dynamics of Kashmir as is introspected from social psychology standpoint. This paper unfolds the coalescing systematics of major issues and complexities of tardy marriages in order to present a strategic arduous solution to counter and castigate this imperil that creates distortion and soreness in the social fabric of Kashmir.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.