Human Resources Management Practices, Psychological Contract Fulfillment and Organizational Commitment in Deluxe Hotels in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  •  Mansour Al-miman    


This paper study the relationship of the effectiveness of the human resources management practices of the hotels employees in the western region (Jeddah City) of Saudi Arabia with respect to their Psychological contract fulfilment (PCFul) and Organizational Commitment (OC). Data was collected from 36 hotels. Using the employees' responses, the study indicated that Human Resources practices influenced employees’ perceived Psychological contract fulfilment and their Organizational Commitment, where Human Resources Management (HRM) practices are positively related to Psychological contract fulfilment and OC. The study examined whether employees consider (HRM) practices an important tool while developing psychological contracts, and presented the prospective role of the Human Resources for Developmental Purposes to foster change in the hotel industry in Saudi Arabia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.